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The Best Wok for Home Cooking


Who doesn’t love a good wok? I’ve relied on a variety of woks for years to make quick, delicious stir fry style meals and just about anything else from scrambled eggs to popcorn, steamed mussels and soup. I’ve even eaten cereal out of a wok so it’s understandable why I would claim to be somewhat of an authority of all things wok. So, when I suddenly relocated from Tulsa, Oklahoma to Maryland, as is my usual tradition, I threw away all of my belongings, put the pups in the car and took off! Little did I know that after two years in my new home, my only regret would be tossing out that reliable old wok! So, having an extensive food service and nutrition background I had to admit that I did not have very good knowledge of wok types, qualities and cooking characteristics so I did the most appropriate thing and started doing some research.

After a few weeks of asking people I know what they thought of theirs, I narrowed everything down to two wok types. From there, I began searching for information on these woks online and lo and behold, the wok I was leaning toward was actually considered the best home cooking wok by industry experts at America’s Test Kitchen! What luck! Admittedly, that is when I realized my friends were much cooler than I had given them credit for but that’s another post.

So, a couple of things matter – and after getting this wok, I can tell you that these things are reliably true.

  • First, you want to get the 14 inch wok because the typical 12 inch is a bit too snug to really get a great mix of ingredients while anything beyond 14 inches tends to be too bulky for the average kitchen.
  • Next, get one with a flat bottom – 6-7 inches across the flattened bottom is perfect because it’ll allow you to control the wok better as you cook and while you move it around.
  • Carbon steel is ideal! It heats well and heats evenly. Carbon steel, like cast iron, will rust if left wet so season it appropriately and clean it as directed and you’ll love the product. Follow the directions!
  • Lastly, and as mentioned in the video above, get a long wooden handle that is only slightly angled. The slight angel will give you a ton of control that a steeper angle won’t give you and the wooden handle remains cool while metal handles heat up quickly.

So there you have it my friends! The best wok for home use is by far the Taylor & Ng Natural Non-stick 14-inch Wok. I hope you enjoy this product as much as I do. I’ve supplied a couple of links to one easy buying option (Amazon) in this post so you can see the product and people’s reviews. I actually bought mine directly from the Taylor & Ng website, but probably would have used Amazon if I had come across that page first – whatever you do, I know you’ll love cooking with your new wok!

Best to you my friends!