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The Perfect Stocking Stuffers for Men

Men are usually pretty hard to buy for. I’m hard to buy for! It has to be a real pain in the neck for the people in our lives to buy for us so I was literally brushing my teeth this morning when I saw a product I came across not all that long ago and thought, “this is an incredible invention.” Meanwhile it’s the Christmas holiday season and I thought, “this would make an amazing stocking stuffer for a guy” and boom here I am writing this article, so here goes!

Metal Collar Stays

These are incredible! A curly collar makes even the nicest shirt look grubby. Now I keep every shirt looking crisp and clean with these amazing metal collar stays. The plastic ones bend and do a crappy job. Go with metal! Some versions even have little magnets that go inside the shirt to keep everything laying nice and flat.

LED Bike Wheel Lights

Everyone who rides a bike has almost been killed when riding at night. Not only could these save a guy’s life, they’re pretty cool too. Riding anytime is dangerous enough – at night is beyond deadly so light things up and give the lights some movement and drivers will see the rider much more easily. Great price too!

Gift Amazon Prime

This one is a no brainer! Yes, I could get a commission on it, but that doesn’t effect you at all – it’s an amazing idea and one I recommend doing for everyone you like. Besides, you set the duration, it’s cheap as hell and is, in my opinion, the best service in the world that has more benefits than a person will ever know what to do with. Giving Amazon Prime as a gift is a legit value that everyone understands.

Portable Key Chain Screwdrivers

Try to pretend this isn’t an amazing idea! All of us have been somewhere when we needed a screwdriver and just didn’t have one. How many times have you used a knife or your thumbnail to try and turn something when a portable screwdriver key chain would have done it perfectly? This is the solution!

Locked Car Opening Kit

Every human with a car needs a locked car opening kit in the house and at the job, period! We’ve all locked our keys, dogs, kids and groceries in the car and had to either break in or call a locksmith. No longer! Keep this handy and your car is unlocked in seconds!

Yamuna Foot Wakers

These are amazing tools to rid the feet of the aches and pains of age, stress and plantar fasciitis. I wrote about these in a previous post because they are that damned good! Foot wakers are made of the highest quality rubber that matches the needs of the feet perfectly, unlike many imitation spiky balls and rollers. Yamuna Foot Wakers are the original and I consider them the best foot health tool you can have.

That’s about all I want to discuss for the time being because any guy who gets these things is going to be excited about them and is going to love you for making their stocking experience awesome for the first time in their life! Make a guy’s day and wish him a Merry Christmas by giving him some stocking stuffers he’ll actually use daily and appreciate for a lifetime.

Merry Christmas to you!

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