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Preppers Stop Being Stupid and Read This

Full disclosue: I’m not a prepper. It’s just not something I’m into. But I’ve been researching prepping and communicating with rather prolific preppers for a number of years now so I have the concept down pretty well.

That being said, preppers, you all have to get your shit together and stop being so stupid. Here’s why. This notion that some government is going to come try to subdue you and relegate you to a life of servitude is silly. First of all, if that was going to happen you couldn’t stop it because your tendency to fly solo and be covert sets you up as the easiest target because you have no support system. Secondly, rounding you up and taking your things benefits no one, and certainly not your government, so stop thinking of it that way. Prepping is only worthwhile if you’re considering that a post apocalyptic scenario may play out where there are no governments, there are no organized means of living civilly and it’s every person for themselves. Think big time fiction….the movies…..The Walking Dead type stuff. Prepping intrigues me, and I suspect most of you, because like many of you I’m a kid at heart and I like to build things and play in the dirt and make fires and feel free to do what I want. There is something in the human condition that likes the idea of being autonomous, completely in control of our own destinies, and being prepared for whatever the world throws at us.

So if that describes you, then this prepping article is for you. This article is for those of us who love the idea of living off the land, being wild and free and spending some of our time exploring and living carefree while learning the skills that would be needed to survive during a zombie apocalypse.

Living Underground

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Man, this is a cool idea. What kid didn’t want to build a fort and make it awesome and what could be better than having your own underground fort to play in and store cool survival things in? That’s a pretty awesome idea and I personally love it! Sure, you can create it to be an old fashioned root cellar, or just a tornado shelter or whatever you want, but the idea of a nice, big underground space to hang out in does have its appeal to some of us.

There are a lot of resources out there but one thing that is growing in popularity is using shipping containers to make houses or underground shelters. Very cool! There are tons of places to buy shipping containers but you know me, I’m an Amazon guy – you can trust a brand like that – and they now connect you with reputable shipping container dealers who will give you fair prices to buy your very own underground bunker!

Always Have Access to Water

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Yea, you’re going to die relatively quickly if the zombies overrun your bug out shelter and you’re left to find nourishment out in nature. Water will be priority number uno and you better have a way to clean water you find along your way. These days water in the United States is pretty much going to kill you if you drink it without purifying it so you’ll need to ensure you have 24/7 access to water cleaning capabilities.

A water filter is cool, but you’ll need one you can carry with you and that won’t slow you down. Zombies are slow (I think), but why chance it by carrying some big, bulky, and heavy water purifier around. Check out the water purifiers that are available today! They’re amazing actually and will even let you purify water from a mud hole or water with really nasty contaminants in it! That’s legit.

If you really want to be prepared you can do it easily by having a water purifier like the one shown here and by having a Life Straw which allows you to drink water directly while it is filtered. How cool is that?

Both of these make for first rate prepper equipment because having clean water is not a concern if you’re prepared. Be sure to get some extra filters though because who knows how long the zombie apocalypse will go on before the government is finally able to come save your ass.

Trap Your Food

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If you’re smart you’ll stop trying to hunt for every meal and will begin trapping your food. Trapping is cool because it allows you to catch the animal alive which gives you the option of creating a mini-farm which can provide you with food resources for years to come. Also, it allows you to catch smaller animals which may otherwise go unseen. If the zombies come all the big game will be harvested rather quickly so you’ll want to get used to catching smaller, sneakier animals for your food. Let me also say that if you’re a recreational prepper and aren’t needing food to fend off hunger, trapping and killing an animal just to do it makes you a crappy person. Don’t kill anything unless your life depends on it! That’s a great rule to follow. There are a lot of other things to do with your time than sitting around preying on animals that are just trying to live their life. Anyway, trapping allows you more options than hunting because the animal is alive and might be farmed so you can have food over the long term. Their poop may supply you with manure that you can use to grow plants that provide you with additional food options and that’s when things get really cool. Trapping your food is smart for many reasons but mainly because you can gain food sources without having to be present. If you were to set 4 or 5 traps you may come back after 24 hours of doing something else, like purifying water and building a shelter, and have a number of animals in them ready to eat as needed.

Focus on Fish for Food

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When the zombies come there will be a lot of things falling in the water for fish to eat. Additionally, most people aren’t very good at catching fish so there will be plenty to catch if you’re well equipped. Again, let’s focus less on fishing and more on trapping. Netting your fish allows you to leave and come back so you’re not visible on the river bank and so that you can do other things while the trap does the work for you. Put some zombie flesh in the trap and watch the crawfish and minnows flock to the trap ready for a meal. These food items may not be large but they’re plentiful and they’ll keep you well fed year round.

Different nets do different things so you should always be on the lookout for any types of cloth that could help you make a net in a pinch. The whole idea is to catch something that is swimming in the water so it doesn’t have to be fancy it just has to work. Start out with some high quality products and as they fall apart or get lost, resort to making your own.

Cover Your Head and Your Feet

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Chances are you won’t die from zombie bites, you’ll die from exposure to the elements. Your head and feet are two areas of vital importance! Most of your body heat can be released through your head, so get a high quality head covering to keep your heat in during times of cold weather. You’ll need something that isn’t easily seen so brown, black or green will probably be the best colors to find. I found you an excellent option right here.

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Moisture wicking socks will be vital as will quality boots to cover and protect your feet. This is probably even more important that having a good head covering. When you feet start to ache and they get cuts, get infected or begin to experience pain from lack of proper treatment, you’re no longer mobile and you’re setting yourself up for a painful end. Stay mobile, stay fit, stay prepared by ensuring your feet are well ventilated, they stay dry and they stay warm at all times.

Learn to Blacksmith

Working metal to construct items that make your life easier will be a priceless skill that will serve you well. Also, if a group of scoundrels capture you they’ll think twice about killing you because you have such a valuable skill that they can use to make things they need. Knives, hooks, spears, hinges and all kinds of other things can be made easily by a blacksmith with some basic skill.

Learn what you need to start working metal by checking out this blog article I wrote and watching my video.

That article and video will give you plenty of food for thought on how to go about learning to blacksmith. That video is used worldwide as an instructional tool to help new blacksmiths get started so you can use it to get off on the right foot as well.

Connect on Your Terms

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Some items are really not needed, but will absolutely make your life better when you have them. You should always have a flashlight to help you do what you need to do at night. A solar powered radio is such a great tool to have so you can pick up bits of information that may be blasted out over the air waves. Who knows you may even learn enough to connect with others in your area and you may even be able to form an alliance and rely on new friends to watch your back as you forge a new life in the post apocalyptic world. Lastly, it’s important that you be able to maintain your light and radio even without sun. Now they offer hand cranked tools that charge batteries when you crank the arm so you can waste an hour or so during a cold day cranking your flashlight and radio back to life if the sun is scarce.

So let’s all calm down, stop letting our thoughts and minds get out of control and focus on what matters. Having fun, living in an alternate reality and being ready should the zombies ever really take form. Going out into nature and staying for a few days, living off the land and “roughing it” is something many of us love to think about so why not indulge those urges and have some fun with it. Just stay safe and by all means don’t be stupid. Remember what all of this really is – a safety valve should the unforeseen actually happen.

All the best to you my friends!

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