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Travel in the USA is the best thing ever and this is why

Our world is incredible! The diversity of landscapes, cultures, history and languages just blows my mind. And, I admit that as a United States citizen I often look abroad to get my travel fix. Despite this, and with absolute respect given to all areas of the globe, I have to say that, in my humble opinion, the United States is the most amazing travel spot in the world. This article is written not only to convey my thoughts on the USA being the most amazing tourist destination but also to give you a lot of reasons why I believe this statement is true.

Why I think the United States is the most amazing tourist spot ever

1. You can bring your dog

4 2 1310327 I don’t know about you, but this is a major burden for me when I engage in extended travel. Not only is it expensive to fly your pets around the world, but many places just aren’t hospitable to animals and in particular dogs. I respect other ways of thinking, cultural expectations and ways of living, but I will admit that I miss my dogs a lot when I’m away and often wish I could bring them along. Well guess what! In the United States you are more likely to find a place that welcomes your animals with open arms than places that won’t. By this I mean hotels, parks, cafes with outdoor seating and so on. Doggie daycares are easy to find and if you decide you want to spend the day alone doing something cool there is always someone making a living boarding, walking, or otherwise hanging out with your dog(s) while you go on about your day. So, if you love being with your pet as much as I do, and if you have documented health care records for your pet(s), the the United States provides virtually no road blocks to making that wish a reality.

2. Health care is virtually everywhere

1 1024x512 5003781 Some places of the world just don’t have medical options if you get injured. I have been places where the closest medical clinic was almost a day away by car. No bueno! That’s not cool if you want to be active, hike a mountain, white water raft or trek through the forest. The United States has medical facilities that are the envy of the medical world and they’re available in case of emergency. With medivac (air ambulance), ambulance and search and rescue services in every area of the country, the United States is probably the best place in the world to have a medical need while traveling. Will it cost you? Yes. Will it be worth it? Yes. Can you get travel insurance to help with costs? Yes you can and I recommend you do.

3. Even the wildest places are simple to access

7 1024x640 2834345 No part of the United States is going require you to ride a boat for 3 days just to get there. You’re never going to have to trek through dense forest for a week just to reach your destination. Sure, the wilds of Alaska may require a small plane to get you there – but those are available. And yes, you may want to hike down the wall of the Grand Canyon, but burros and helicopters can get you to the bottom more quickly if you desire. My point is that although the United States is massive and it’s landscapes diverse, there are transportation options available at all times to get you where you need to be so you can get on with your trip and enjoy yourself. Sure, you can hike your way across the Rocky Mountain over the next couple of months if you want to – absolutely that kind of experience is available to you. My point is that this type of travel is not your only option. There are always quick, efficient transportation options to get you to your destination.

4. The diversity of landscapes will blow your mind

2 1 4495088 Have you ever paddled a flat bottomed boat through a silent moss covered Louisiana swamp?

Have you ever sat on the rim of the Grand Canyon while the sun went down?

Have you ever walked the streets of New York City at night just to take it all in?

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Have you ever hiked to the top of the Kalalau Valley just to take it all in?

Whether you are standing on a glacier in Alaska, laying on a white sand beach in Florida, or hiking the Appalachian Trail in Virginia, you are going to be in awe of the land that lies beneath your feet. The United States ranges from pristine wilderness to arid desert. It has thousands of miles of beautiful beaches, massive mountain ranges, crystal clear lakes and wide open prairies – literally something for everyone.

5. Wild meets first class literally everywhere you go

8 2023732 You can fish for salmon in the backwoods of Alaska during the day and dine and rest in a world class hotel or lodge at night. Hike the Grand Teton with your guide and rest safe and sound in the comfort of an amazing hotel when you’re done. The United States has enormous areas of pristine land just waiting to be discovered but it also provides world-class accommodations nearby so that travelers, like you, will be comfortable spending the time and money needed to get there. We understand that people love to see nature and want to experience it, but we also know that not everyone wants to sleep on the ground next to a campfire after kayaking down the Oregon coast.

In the United States you’ll find a whole lot of everything! If you want to rough it, grab your tent and your sleeping bag and have the time of your life exploring the wilds of this great country. And, if you want to see and explore the beauty the land of the United States has to offer while resting your head on a first class pillow at night, then by all means, that is an option that is available to you as well.

6. Americans are really cool

Say what you want about our opinionated ways, we’re fun people who really like meeting and making friends with people from other places. Most of us are open minded, generous and eager to interact with people from different places. I’ve traveled a lot and can tell you that most people in the world seem pretty cool. The United States is definitely a great place to visit if you want to meet nice people who want to help you enjoy your time in their country.

I cannot tell you how many people have told me they were completely surprised by how friendly and generous people in the United States were to them. So a word to the wise… don’t believe every news story you hear and don’t buy into every stereotype that is out there – decide for yourself by visiting my great country and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how many friends you come away with.

Six seems like a good place to stop for this article but I hope you enjoyed it and I hope it has given you some perspective. The United States is an incredible travel destination no matter what you’re looking for or how small or large your itinerary happens to be. You’ll find it here and I hope you love the place!


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