The Best Travel Gadgets of 2017

The world is a vast and complex place full of massive cities and gorgeous landscapes. It truly is a land of enchantment and with that comes some real challenges for people who decide to venture out and experience the world. This article identifies the top travel gadgets of 2017 that are guaranteed to make your trip to anywhere on Earth much easier and will allow you to travel with confidence and enjoy every moment.

5 of the Top Travel Gadgets for 2017

Scrubba Portable Washing Machine Bag

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How do you spell “amazing” in Bengali? I mean for real, just add water and detergent and rock out with perfectly clean clothes regardless of what back water area you find yourself in. This item is a must-have for any outdoor enthusiast! Not only is it incredibly effective and durable, it folds up so small it’ll fit into even the most overstuffed bag.

A Drone – For Aerial Video

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My preference as of 2017 is the Mavic Pro because it’s so small, comes all in one piece, it’s fast (40 mph), has a long battery life and can be programmed to follow you without crashing into things. Whatever you do, consider a drone when you travel anywhere where landscapes and the man made features are massive in scale. Common sense guides regulations for drone usage in most areas of the world. If you’re in a highly congested urban area, don’t fly a drone. If you’re at the Great Wall of China or on a camel in the Sahara Desert and have space to move around, fly it all you want!

Anywhere you go you’re going to see some of the most amazing landscapes found on the planet Earth! Capture them from an aerial vantage point if you can and really get the full scope of the beauty the Earth’s landscapes have to offer. Consider getting a drone, I think you’ll be glad you did.

World’s Smallest Steam Iron

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1.4 ounces, heats up in 15 seconds and is about 3 inches wide. Damn! Who hasn’t needed an iron all of a sudden while traveling? I have! Many times so this is the perfect solution for the forgetful traveler (like me) who always packs button up shirts but forgets to pack an iron! If you stay in AirBnB lodging or rural hotels like I often do you know how places like that really let you experience the authenticity of a place. But when you need an iron and it just isn’t available you know how bad that sucks too. Check this item out, it’s pretty awesome!

Off Grid Text & GPS Connection – goTenna

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Stay connected with your travel partner even without internet access. The goTenna product allows you to text and send GPS locations no matter where you are – even out of reach of WiFi. Talk about amazing for travel in countries where you’ll be out in the boonies! Mt. Hua in China may be formidable and really, really scary to climb, but you’ll be guaranteed contact with others simply by having goTenna with you.

Who knows when the emergency text message or broadcast capability of goTenna might be needed to help yourself or someone else around you. Very cool!

Smart Phone Mobile Breathalyzer

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Don’t get caught being the stupid drunk in a foreign country! That goes for your native country as well, I know, but you don’t want to get mixed up in trouble when you may not understand the culture and might not speak the language very well. Of course this item is awesome for anytime and anywhere but it can come in really handy while you’re traveling – especially if you plan on driving. Once you reach a certain limit you will know it’s time to cool it and avoid allowing yourself to fall into some potentially risky situation. Be smart in everything you do, but be really smart while consuming alcohol in a foreign country. Now you have the tool to ensure you’re in control.

Wow! 2017 has some amazing gadgets that really make traveling anywhere much easier, more enjoyable and safer. That’s hard to beat, it was really fun researching these brands and bringing you the best-of-the-best and top travel gadgets of 2017.


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