What is the Best Anvil in the World? 11,000 People Have Voted!

Have you ever wondered what anvil brand is considered the best in the world? I have and I decided to do something about it. Since 2013 I have been working on a survey that I’ve distributed worldwide during my free time. Since then, over 11,000 people have responded and I wanted to share with you the results of that survey and identify the best anvil in the world!

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Understanding the survey results:

Note: The lowest score wins! Yea, like in golf! This means the anvil brand with the lowest score is considered the best. The higher the score, the worse the brand is considered by the respondents to the survey. I designed the survey this way so people could simply rate the anvils as they wanted with #1 being ranked as 1, their #2 favorite getting rank of 2 and so on…so you can see an anvil with a rank of 10 would be worse than an anvil rank of 3.

This list of anvils was used by searching many online resources including blacksmithing boards, blacksmithing blogs, blacksmith forums as well as other resources to identify the most commonly mentioned anvil brands available today. This survey was to determine one thing and one thing only – the best anvil in the world according to those who responded. This survey did not seek to determine anything else about anvils.

And here are the results*:

1. Peter Wright – Winner!

2. Hay Budden

3. Peddinghaus

4. Trenton

5. Nimba

6. Fisher

7. Refflinghaus

8. Soderfors

9. M&H Armitage (Mouse Hole)

10. Arm & Hammer

11. ACME

12. J.C. Soding

13. Vulcan

* There was room to write-in a person’s #1 choice if it was not listed in the survey, but there was not a single write-in anvil brand that had enough votes to be mentioned in the top anvil list.

The anvils with the most write-in votes for #1 are the following:

  • Vanadium (41 votes)
  • TFS (38 votes)
  • Brooks Anvil (37 votes)
  • Hermann Wilhelm Holthaus (31 votes)
  • Kohlswa (30 votes)
  • Euroanvil (22 votes)
  • Rat Hole Forge (22 votes)
  • Fontanini (17 votes)
  • Columbian (9 votes)

Thank you to all of you who voted and I hope you found these survey results to be of interest.

To Peter Wright!