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As a PTA Global Ambassador I wanted to share with you an opportunity to get a 20% discount on a really instructive, and useful credential that they now offer. The PTA Global Behavior Change in Exercise Credential, normally $299, is only $239 when you use my unique Ambassador code at checkout. If you are a personal trainer, chances are you need CEC/CEU credits to maintain your certification. Instead of cramming at the very end with useless little online tests and silly things that are just more hoops to jump through, use the CEC/CEU process to get better, make more money and grow your practice. As you can imagine, I will get about $23 from each purchase, but your price is still reduced and you get a great credential and that’s what I would imagine matters most to you. Great value, great price!

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The Quick Explanation

Sign-up here: Behavior Change in Exercise Credential

Promotional Code: MEACHAMBCE

It’ll look just like this when you get to the check-out page:

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PTA Global Behavior Change in Exercise Credential

Expertise in exercise instruction and exercise science are expected from all personal trainers. But the health and fitness industry is growing and expanding. People have more options available to them then they’ve ever had before. The personal training marketplace is becoming more competitive and more educated and the need for fitness professionals to rise above and be more than simply an exercise coach is here in the present. Let’s face it, apps and YouTube videos from world renowned professionals can instruct people on exercise programming and training. If this is all you are doing, you are part of the growing number of fitness dinosaurs that will soon be irrelevant and unemployed.

Relationship building, accountability systems and specific methods of creating real change in people’s lives will ensure the success of personal trainers now and in the future. PTA Global has created the Behavior Change in Exercise Credential with this in mind. This credential will impart priceless information on how to gauge your client’s capabilities and emotional buy-in, it’ll help you meet them where they are so that you can quickly begin to help them get to where they want to go. The information and tools supplied by the PTA Global Behavior Change in Exercise Credential will help you rise above other trainers, attract more clients and maintain them over the long term. Check out the video.

Continuing Education Credits (CEC/CEU)

A number of the world’s most recognized certifying agencies provide substantial CEC/CEU credits for the PTA Global Behavior Change in Exercise certification. See the full list here.

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A few of the more common certification companies who accept CEC/CEU:

  • ACE – 2.0
  • NASM – 1.9
  • NESTA – 2.0
  • NSCA – 2.0

Why Sign-up for the PTA Global Behavior Change in Exercise Credential

  1. Because it’s 20% with my unique code used at check-out: MEACHAMBCE
  2. Because you need CEC/CEU credits anyway and they may as well make you better
  3. Because the fitness industry is getting more competitive as technology takes away details of exercise instruction
  4. Because PTA Global is the #1 internationally authority on fitness education – their materials are world-class

I hope you’ll consider using this opportunity to gain the PTA Global Behavior in Exercise Credential. It truly will help differentiate you in the sea of sameness that plagues the fitness industry at present. Rise above, aim higher, get better and do it all through the various educational programs offered by PTA Global.

To your success!

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