10 Tips for Plantar Fasciitis Pain Relief

Picking up on an article I wrote previously that interviewed a number of Podiatrists and people with chronic cases of plantar fasciitis, I wanted to create a quick and easy article on the most specific ways to relieve plantar fasciitis pain.

Top 10 Tips for Pain Relief from Plantar Fasciitis

My research of countless Podiatrists and people suffering from plantar fasciitis has all boiled down to a few key elements, that when done consistently, can help reduce or heal plantar fasciitis. These are the best approach, common themes that I have found throughout my research as I look for the best products and treatments for plantar fasciitis pain relief:
1. Seek professional help – find out exactly what is going on with your feet and talk freely with your Podiatrist about possible treatment options.
2. Stop damaging the area – you must allow the area time to heal. If you are overweight, lose it, if you run too much, row or ride a bike.
3. Hydrate – your body is made mostly of water. Drink more of it. I advise the majority of my clients to drink 1 gallon of fresh water each day.
4. Stretch – your muscles and tendons get tight the more you sit, workout and do repetitive tasks. Give those tissues some length and stretch daily.
5. Release – massage, foam rolling, yoga ball rolling, do what you need to do to apply pressure to tight areas and help them gain more elasticity.
6. Support – as you stretch, release and rest your feet, give them ample support to aid in the rest and recovery as they try to heal.
7. Strengthen – be smart in your approach as you select specific things to help strengthen your feet. Be strong from the ground up!
8. Use a Multifaceted Approach – use a number of methods to find what gives you the most relief from your plantar fasciitis pain.
9. Be Patient – pain reduction is worth the time it takes to care for your feet and give them the treatment and time to recover that they need.
10. Stick with it – when you find something that is working, stick with it. Once you gain a level of relief, continue caring for your feet and don’t stop!
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I always try to connect my readers with quality, easy to find products and I often use Amazon to do that. Here’s why…the pricing is competitive, shipping is fast or free and the products are easy to find time and again. I use Amazon for many of my purchases and I think that Amazon is a real asset for most purchasing options. The following products are those that the majority of Podiatrists and people who have completely healed or minimized their plantar fasciitis pain have recommended to me.

List of Recommended Plantar Fasciitis Pain Relief Products:


For more detailed information, and to learn from real first-hand testimonials, including mine, on how other people have dealt with plantar fasciitis pain, check out this article as it will go into much greater detail about these products and the benefits they have on people who suffer from plantar fasciitis: The Best Products for Plantar Fasciitis Pain Relief

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