Top 5 Picks – Gift of Fitness Christmas 2015

Christmas is just about here and I wouldn’t be much of a fitness professional if I didn’t tell you about my favorite and most effective gift ideas. All of these, when used, will provide amazing results for anyone in no time at all. My favorite fitness gifts tend to have less to do with sweating and heavy breathing than with feeling relaxed, de-stressed and mobile. Given this, let me share my favorite fitness gift ideas for 2015.

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1. The Thera Cane Massager

This thing gets all those knots out of those hard to reach places! Neck, hips, lower back, upper back – you name it, the Thera Cane Massager will access the spot and remove it in no time. This thing is a fitness trainer’s favorite and it’s common to see these tools in the hands of the better trainers. Getting a massage everyday isn’t practical for most of us, but the Thera Cane Massager can have you feeling loose, relaxed and incredible in just minutes.


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2. Foot Wakers from Yamuna Body Rolling

Imitators be gone! There is one real foot waker that gets the jobs done and this one is it. I have used and recommended these to clients for years. Recently I had another fitness pro try these before pursuing a surgical approach to her plantar fasciitis and in less than a week her foot pain was gone! As long as she used the foot wakers everyday for just a few minutes she was pain free. I’ve seen this happen many times! However, these are really designed as part of your daily body care even if you are healthy and pain free. Foot soft tissue release is amazingly healthful and helps your body align itself properly and move freely. These are a must for me and my clients!


3. Dynamax Medicine Balls

This is the best medicine ball on the market. You’ve seen me mention and recommend this brand of med ball before and I’ll do it again here. Whether you work out in a world-class fitness center or you home, a Dynamax med ball is the best weighted ball option ever created.

This video shows just a couple of the basic movements you can do with a quality medicine ball. In 2:30 this woman has an amazing workout and you can see how dynamic and versatile the med ball allows her efforts to be. If you’re in the market for an amazing, high quality ball training experience, Dynamax medicine balls are the way to go. I tend to recommend med balls weighing 8-14 pounds for most people.


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4. GRID foam roller from TriggerPoint

Another best-in-class product. The GRID foam roller from TriggerPoint is simply the best product like this on the market. High quality, great pricing and ideal features allow you to loosen tight areas, mobilize restricted joints and create total body flexibility and tone. 10 minutes on this thing before or after your workout will be all you need to ensure your body is primed and ready to train. Like the other products in this list, you are going to find GRID foam rollers being used by the better fitness trainers and health clubs around the world. I recommend getting the 26 inch GRID foam roller for general purposes. It’s all you’ll need to foam roll effectively for years to come. To get an amazing and well-rounded tissue release program going check out the TriggerPoint Kit which contains a few more well designed products that allow you to reach very specific areas of the body and release them effectively. There are so many quality how-to instructional on YouTube to help you learn how to use the GRID effectively. In the end, it’s an amazing product.


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5. Plyometric Box by Rep Fitness

This company is really putting out some great new productions and this 3-in-1 plyo box is a great example of that. This thing is strong! It has plenty of internal cross bracing and heavy duty wood  configured using a puzzle-locking system to ensure your safety while using the box. Whether you use it for step-ups, box jumps or any other elevated movement, this box is best-in-class! Check out the specs on the box by clicking on this link. The cool thing about this product is they’ve designed it to allow for 3 different heights from one box so instead of buying 3 different boxes, you only need one. They’ve made it so strong and so easy to put together you can receive it and have it put together in 15 minutes or less. Very cool new product I am very excited about!


These are my top 5 picks for gifting fitness in 2015! So useful, such great quality, so versatile and well priced. Each of these is something that I consider an essential item for a well-rounded physical fitness experience. I hope you enjoy the list and Merry Christmas to you my friends!

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