The Top Travel Equipment of 2015 Under $150

You all have been rocking the globe and taking in all the wonders it holds for us and the feedback I have received from you has been amazing! Over the past year, I’ve put out a lot of different blog articles and travel products and I want to summarize those for you now so you are aware of the most in-demand travel equipment from 2015!

1. Eagle Creek Travel Gear Pack-It Shoe Sac

This is by far the biggest selling travel equipment item of 2015! When I began traveling, I just took trash bags with me to store any wet clothes or shoes in. That decision bit me in the butt every single time until I got the Eagle Creek Travel Gear Pack-It Shoe Sac. That long name is well worth the time and purchase. I can assure you, the jungles of Peru, the beaches of Spain and the rains in Paris, Rome and Mexico are all going to get to you at some point. Ensure your things stay clean and neat with this great travel equipment item.

2. Osprey 46 Backpack

You’ve seen me write about the Osprey 46 backpack for over a year now and it is still the #1 travel backpack that meets carry-on requirements. It holds a ton of stuff and is so durable, strong and sturdy that I cannot foresee anything breaking this backpack, it’s that good! All Osprey packs are awesome, but this is my go-to for on-the-go travel. Check it out!

3. Tie: The Lewis N. Clark TSA Toiletry Pouch and the Eagle Creek Travel Gear Toiletry Bag

These two items have been flying off the shelf all year long. The only real thing to consider here in my opinion is look and price. One is very inexpensive and looks great, the other has a great and colorful linear look and is a bit more high-end and pricey. You can’t go wrong with either so I recommend you see which one fits your tastes best and go with that! What a great stocking stuffer for the traveler in your life.

4. Sentey 20,800mah Portable Charger

Last year I recommended the Anker (still gets 5 stars from me), but this year, the bar has been raised and Sentey 20800 is the one you want to power your travel without ever having to stop to recharge. Before these I cannot tell you how many great moments I missed because of  dead batteries. Those days are over! Check these bad boys out, they’re so easy to charge, have dual USB ports and extra fast charging capabilities.

These are the travel equipment items everyone has been buying and using with the best success in 2015. The brands haven’t changed much over the years, all of these are tried-and-true travel equipment brands that keep getting better and better. What I love is that these great items are so affordable! Only one of these costs more than $40 and that’s a world-class backpack that will last for years! Very cool, very high quality and very affordable. Any traveler will love these. If that’s you, please consider these as part of your globetrotting experience and if you’re buying for someone else, give these a look and see what you think. In the end, it’s all up to you and I’m just here to give you my honest opinion on the things I see.

Best to you my friends!

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