Mexican Beer – Discover the Best of the Best and Worst of the Worst

I love a nice cold beer and if any place on Earth makes me appreciate cold beer as much as anywhere else, it’s Mexico. That country gets down right hot! No wonder they have so many awesome beers to choose from. The ones I prefer to discuss here aren’t found very easily in the United States. Sure we’ve all had some really great Mexican beers here like:

  • Corona
  • Modelo
  • Dos Equis
  • Pacifico

These are all really nice beers, but what about the ones that you really only find in Mexico or in an area of the United States with a large Latino population? And what about the awful ones? They’ve got plenty of those as well. Keep reading.

Here are some of my favorites!

1. Bohemia Obscura (Dark) – Bohemia is the clear winner in my book! I found out that the beer was originally made by German immigrants to Mexico so this makes perfect sense. It’s awesome!

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My friends and I during my first Minerva experience.

2. Minerva Stout Imperial – Man this one is good! This one is a close second and it’s good with just about anything and doesn’t leave any kind of strange aftertaste. There are hints of toasted flavors with chocolate or coffee – whatever it is it’s subtle and flavorful and awesome!

3. Victoria – A little bit like Modelo, but I love the fact that it’s new to me and a bit more bitter to my taste than Modelo. This one is great with tacos and I know this because I drank about 97 of them while eating tacos in Mexico City. Great beer!

4 4726003 4. Leon – It’s a lager, but with a really nice flavor. Nothing amazing about this beer, but I had it quite a few times and never tired of it. For me that’s a big win! It has a nice malty flavor and caramel coloring, this was a really good beer for me and being in Mexico made it that much better!

5. Cucapá Chupacabras Pale Ale – Not only was this a really great Mexican beer, but the name and logo are awesome! The mythical goat demon Chupacabra is on the label making it even that much better!

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And here are the worst of the beers I tried!

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I love Mexico, but this beer just doesn’t do it for me.

1. Montejo – And the award for worst beer in Mexico goes to…..Montejo! I was walking back to my apartment around 2AM and stopped off for one last beer just to let the awesomeness of the day sink in. Wow was that a mistake! This beer has a great look, awesome label, it caught my eye, I’ll admit. But it was awful! Sure, I drank the whole damn thing because I was in Mexico and I love partaking in the culture and things wherever I go even if I’ll never do it again. This is one of those “I’ll never do it again” type things.

2. Indio – Evidently this one has been around a long time and is just like some of the cheap beers people used to drink when they were in college and drank a lot and spent most of their time broke. I didn’t notice it costing any less than any other beer, but honestly I wasn’t paying attention. It wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t good. The company I was with was amazing so despite being a pretty bad beer overall, I have great memories while drinking it.

3. Sol – This one has made its way to the United States, but damn I wish it’d stay in Mexico. At least then I’d be drinking it for the cultural flair it provides and not its terrible taste. I was introduced to this one by raving fans at the Austin City Limits Festival in Austin, Texas. I enthusiastically gave it a shot and boy did it suck! Stupidly, while in Mexico, I rationalized that perhaps there would be a difference between the Sol in the U.S. and the Sol in Mexico. Unfortunately they resemble each other much too closely. I did finish it both times because, well, I like to drink beer. But this one is gross.

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Not terrible and not great. I’d try it again.

4. Bruvado – Not the worst beer in Mexico by any means, I mean Montejo and Sol are the clear “this beer sucks” winner, but this one didn’t really strike me as good either. It’s like there’s too much going on in the beer or something. It has a corn, wheat, malt smell to it, pretty mild flavor, but doesn’t really strike you the way a good beer should. I’d definitely drink it again, but it wasn’t a Mexican beer I enjoyed as much as the top 5.

5. Carta Blanca – Very mild, very light and easy to drink. This is one I prefer on a hot day when I’m just sitting around but don’t want to end up tipsy too early in the day. I’ve enjoyed this beer a number of times in Mexico. It’s the 5th worst beer I had in Mexico which makes it okay. It’s not that it was terrible, I guess it’s just so mild and so easy to drink you feel like it’s not much of a beer at all. Good and bad I guess. I’ll take it.

That’s my list of the 5 Best beers in Mexico and the 5 Worst beers in Mexico. To be fair, a couple of the “worst beers” weren’t that bad, I just didn’t like them as much as those on my “best” list. And, while I try to sample a lot of different things wherever I go, you must remember that one can only sample so many beers. Therefore, it is decided that I need to go back to Mexico sooner than later to refine my Mexican beer list for the good of all.


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