Discover Serbia’s 7 Wonders of Nature

Serbia, known officially as the Republic of Serbia is a European nation positioned right between Central and Southeastern Europe. It has no oceanfront, so it is landlocked and is bordered on the north by Hungary with Bulgaria and Romania to its east, to the south is Macedonia and Bosnia with Croatia and Montenegro situated on its western border. Belgrade, one of Europe’s oldest cities is the capital of Serbia and is one of the largest in the Southeastern area of Europe.

Where in the world is Serbia?

Here in the United States, we don’t hear much about Serbia. But, if you’re into culture, nature and people, Serbia should be on your radar. This article is all about Serbia’s 7 Wonders of Nature which are pretty amazing. Check them out!

The Drina running through a calm gorge

1. The Drina River – with a length of 215 miles (346 kilometers), this international river forms much of the border between Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The limestone river bed makes the water look green and the cold, fast running river current holds a special place in the history and lore of the regions that it runs through. The Battler of Cer, a pivotal battle in World War I was fought on the banks of the Drina River between Serbian and Austro-Hungarian troops. Read about The Most Important Day in Modern History here and learn a bit more about the role Serbia has played in the world.

One of the 3 Vratna Gates

2. Vratna Gates – this natural wonder features three massive rock arches situated along different areas of the Vratna River in the Bor region of Serbia. They were formed over long periods of time by natural causes and are a bit tourist attraction as well as a recreational centerpiece for Serbians living nearby. The three arches each have names.

  • Little Prerast (Mala Prerast) located roughly 200 meters upstream from the well known area of the Vratna monastery and its length is just about 15 meters. The opening is 33 meters wide, height is 34 meters, and thickness of the arch at the top of the opening is 10 meters.
  • A beautiful scene from Tara National Park

    Big Prerast (Velika Prerast) is located about 100 meters from Little Prerast and has a length of roughly 45 meters. The arch opening is 23 meters wide with a height of 26 meters, and a thickness of about 30m.

  • Dry Prerast (Suva Prerast) is just about 2 kilometers upstream from the other gates. Its is right about 34 meters long, has a width of 15 meters at the opening, a height of 20 meters and a thickness of the arch over the opening of about 10 meters. The name of Dry Prerast comes from the fact that the Vratna River, during summertime, falls 50 meters upstream from the arch and then appears only to disappear again, before once again shooting out from the nearby rock from which it then continues to run on the surface.

Tara National Park

3. Tara National Park – Established in 1981, the park’s most prominent features are Tara and Zvijezda mountains situated in a massive bend in the Drina River (#1 on this list). Tara National Park is about 220 square kilometers with altitudes ranging from 250 meters to 1,500 meters above sea level. Magnificent gorges with plunging waterfalls mark the territory and mountain views offer visual access to both Bosnia and western Serbia. The breaktaking heights accompany many caves and springs while about 75% of the park is covered by forests. A great number of southeastern European animal species are found in the park as are a number of species of tree found only in this area.

Uvac River running wild

4. Uvac – this relatively short 74 mile (119 kilometer) river flows from Serbia into Bosnia and Herzegovina. The picturesque views along this river are completely unique and breathtaking truly making it a natural wonder.

As the Uvac River snakes through the surrounding landscape, it forms one of the most amazing photographic opportunities of nature in all of Europe. Visitors to Serbia flock to the mountains surrounding the Uvac River to get the perfect shot of this world famous river system with views unlike anything else in the world.

Đavolja Varoš pointing to the sky

5. Đavolja Varoš – This natural wonder consists of 202 “earth pyramids” which are naturally occurring towers of earth rising high above the surrounding landscape. This unique natural wonder has been under governmental protection since 1959. Most of these pyramids are a maximum of 15 meters high and 6 meters across. They were formed by intense erosion of soil created by ancient volcanic activity. The unassuming mountains surrounding these amazing natural land features seem barren and dry but travelers report that the sight of this Serbian natural wonder is absolutely worth the trip.

A Fruska Gora vinyard

6. Fruška Gora – is a northern Serbia mountain located in the region of Srem. It’s maximum height is 539 meters. Vinyards on the mountain make Riesling and Traminer wines in particular but also produce other kinds of regional Serbian wines. This is a major sightseeing attraction and a favorite relaxation spot for people who live in the surrounding areas. Many of the recreational activities offered by the mountain are available all year long. This mountain is a working mountain. People live and work here and the opportunity to spend time in a small mountain village is irresistible to the world traveler’s wanderlust.

The Iron Gates

7. Iron Gate – this is the largest and longest river gorge in all of Europe. The border of Romania and Serbia is partially outlined by this gorge. It takes up a route of about 83 miles (134 kilometers). Hydroelectric dams on the flowing river produce electricity for the surrounding areas. The gorge lies between the Balkan Mountains and the Carpathian Mountains with Iron Gates Natural Park being located on the Romanian side of the border with the Đerdap National Park on the Serbia side of the border.

Exploring the many wonders this world provides is a great treat for curious people like me. Serbia and its 7 Natural Wonders are definitely on the list for must-see parts of this great planet.

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