Visiting Nuremberg Castle in Historic Nuremberg, Germany

My 2014 summer excursion around much of Europe left me simply amazed at all the great history that is quite literally around every corner. No exception was the city of Nuremberg, Germany. Everywhere I went, the old had melted into the new like they had never been apart. This city really is something to see and I really enjoyed the laid back atmosphere and beautiful summer climate. The people were great, the food was interesting, unique and tasty and the history – you know me – the history was just something you have to take in.

One of the coolest things in Nuremberg is the old Nurmberger Burg (Nurnberger Castle). It was great! The city has renovated it to be a really relaxed place to simply walk around, chill or hang out with friends. It’s great! Here are some facts about it.

  • From the courtyard overlooking the city of Nuremberg, Germany

    it is first mentioned in history in year 1105 A.D.

  • construction began in 1140 A.D. on some part of the castle but perhaps a second castle
  • King Conrad III began its construction on the site of a previous castle
  • since the 13th century the castle has belonged to the city of Nuremberg
  • restoration efforts began in the late 1800’s
  • the castle was damaged in World War II (1944-1945)
  • the castle was then restored to its historical form
  • views of the city are awesome from the castle walls
  • the gardens are amazing and relaxing
  • the castle is very active and is easily accessible

I really enjoyed the hour or so I walked around the castle grounds taking in all the sights and seeing how locals, travelers and tourists all interacted together as I toured the area. This castle is iconic and very much a focal point of the city and the locals revere it and take great pride in its history and preservation.


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