Exhaustion by 5’s – A Heavy Basic Movement Workout

These days workouts are getting back to basics.  A number of years ago, mainstream fitness moved toward an almost purely “functional” exercise format leaving many of the tried-and-true, heavy basic lifts on the shelf.  Well, they’re back!  Of course for fitness pros like me, the basic lifts have always been the foundation of a quality strength training program.  So, I wanted to share this workout with you.  The only thing you’ll really have to do is gauge your strength to know what weight to use for each lift.  Beyond that, it’s just watching the quick video below to learn the lifting techniques and off you go to perfect those lifts over time.

This workout is designed to move rather quickly, using good lifting technique and to really put your upper body primarily, through a pounding.  So let’s get to it!

Here’s how the workout stacks up. This video will illustrate how each movement is to be performed.

Do each exercise in order using good lifting technique.  Perform 5 repetitions of each of the weight lifting movements and a descending number of reps for the final movement in the circuit for a total of 3 rounds (or circuits).

1. Pull Up 5 5 5
2. Barbell Row 5 5 5
3. Sumo Dead Lift 5 5 5
4. Push Press 5 5 5
5. Barbell Curl 5 5 5
6. Jack Knife 25 20 15


This workout is really a very high quality workout if you select the appropriate weight for each movement. Not only will it add to your overall body strength, but your stamina and pretty much all aspects of your fitness level. It’ll have your heart pounding and you’ll be glad when you finally get to the last movement in each circuit (or round) to allow your large muscle groups a little time to recover.

Rock this thing and I hope you’ll let me know how it goes for you.

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Train hard, train smart!


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