Great Glutes – A Targeted Workout for a World Class Butt

There are very few things that both men and women appreciate more about the fairer sex than a round, firm butt. Let’s be honest! Women want one attached to their backside and guys want one attached to the backside of the women they’re with. It’s natural to like shapely, athletic, strong looking physiques and few things provide evidence that, “yea she works out” like the unmistakable appearance of a well toned butt.

Thousands of exercises work the butt and endless other physical activities do as well. The catch is that many of the most well-known butt exercises also require a relatively thorough amount of training instruction to be performed properly. I’ve compiled a workout program that does not require a tremendous amount of know-how. In fact, if you have a relatively good sense of body awareness and can watch a video, you can get a world-class butt workout simply by mimicking the model in the video below.

So the video is very simple to follow in order to learn the movements. Now, its time to structure the workout so it is optimally effective. Perform the exercises you learned from the video according to the directions here.

Directions: Perform each exercise in order as prescribed. Do not rush through the exercises. Each repetition should last at least 3 seconds in duration. For the purposes of toning and tightening the glutes, in many cases, slow is better, so take your time and really work to feel the muscles.

Reverse Hyperextension 2 20
Deficit Single Leg Hip Extension 2 18 on each leg
Good Morning – using a band 2 16
Bulgarian Squat 2 14 on each leg
4 Part Glute Complex 2 12
Leaning Reverse Lunge on Step 2 10 on each leg
Glute Trilogy 1 30 for each of the 3 variations (total 90 per side)

The exercise called a Good Morning uses a band as resistance.  The link above is the place I order these “strength bands” or “power bands” as they are typically known.  You can find them there as well, they’re a great fitness tool and come in handy for all types of exercise.

So there you go!  This workout is highly comprehensive and is guaranteed to tone, tighten and shape your backside in a hurry.  Men, this means you as well!  No one is exempt from glute training and exercises do not discriminate, so guys don’t think for a second that your backside is a finished product – its not!  So tear it up, give it great effort and progress through the workout comfortably until you’ve mastered all of the movements then begin adding intensity and weight to the workout as needed.

Rock on!

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