The Culturally Significant Sculptures of Tulsa, Oklahoma

A Photographic Journal of Culturally Significant Sculptures in Tulsa, OK

The story of Tulsa is relatively new when compared to the storied past of other places in the United States.  While this is true, few places pay visible large-scale homage to its heritage like the city of Tulsa.  The values of the city are on full display through the messages set forth in the vast array of visual art dotting the city’s landscape.  From the wonders of nature and a respect for deity, and from symbols of Native American heritage to the visual embodiment of a booming city dedicated to human kindness and brimming with life, Tulsa, Oklahoma is one of the few places where you will find purposeful respect and tribute being paid to those who came before through a city-wide effort to create and preserve these ideals for the generations to come.

This is a photographic journal of many of my favorite sculptures located in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  They are in no particular order.

East Meets West

Tribute to the early clash of cultures on Route 66 as technology and migration pushed west.

The Five Moons

Tribute to 5 Native American ballerinas who achieved international acclaim.

Creek Stickball Field

Tribute to Creek Indian children at play.

Appeal to the Great Spirit

Tribute to Native American reverence and reliance on the Great Spirit.

Centerpiece Globe

Tribute to the Rotary Club’s global outreach.

American Bison

Commemorating the bison herds of the Great Plains.

Celebrating the Interfaith Ministry

A tribute to those who support mutual outreach by overcoming religious differences.

The Healer

Recognition of Native American practices of natural healing.

World Peace through Education & Understanding

The Rotary Club’s commitment to assist education in the pursuit of a peaceful world.

Freedom from Polio

The Rotary Club’s commitment to combat Polio.

Safe Drinking Water

The Rotary Club’s commitment to helping provide safe drinking water for all people.

Bobcat and Pheasant

Dedicated to the natural wildlife along the Arkansas River.

Sacred Rain Arrow

Dedicated to the Native American reverence of the Great Spirit to overcome hardship.


Dedicated to the natural wildlife along the Arkansas River.


Atop the Atlas Building, downtown Tulsa.

The Tower of Reconciliation

Dedicated to the remembrance and healing of the community following the Tulsa Race Riots of 1921.

Riverside Mallards

Dedicated to the natural wildlife along the Arkansas River.

Swan Lake

Dedicated to the natural wildlife along the Arkansas River.

Arkansas River Otters

Dedicated to the natural wildlife along the Arkansas River.

The Golden Driller

Dedicated to the strength, growth and determination of the people of Tulsa.

The Healing Hands at Oral Roberts University

Recognition of the power of prayer.

Black Bears

Dedicated to the natural wildlife along the Arkansas River.

Eagle – Chainsaw Sculpture

Tree sculpture made using a chainsaw.

Wild Horses – Chainsaw sculpture

Private sculpture made in remembrance of property owner’s niece who loved horses.

Poems and Promises

A young woman sits peacefully as she reads a book of poetry.

Seed Sower

Tribute to those who paved the way for future generations.

Kinetic Sculpture

Downtown Tulsa’s artwork is on full display.

The outward expression of nature, religious and cultural reverence within the city of Tulsa, Oklahoma is nothing less than overwhelming.  There are literally hundreds of sculptures like those I have included here that serve as a peaceful reminder of the past while welcoming the future.  The people of Tulsa are responsible for the great outpouring of respect that is seen in the visual art dotting the city’s landscape.  That reverence is part of the fabric of the culture, woven tightly by a tremendous respect for family, community, heritage, nature and expression.

I hope you’ve enjoyed browsing through my photographic journal of culturally significant sculptures in Tulsa, Oklahoma and welcome your thoughts.

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