Jared MeachumCuriosity about the world and everything in it is what excites me most.  I want to know stuff, not just some stuff, all kinds of stuff about all kinds of things, people and places.  This inquisitive nature is where I got the name The Consummate Dabbler.  I work in the fitness industry and have a fulfilling career that allows me to have a ton of great privileges and opportunities.  Among them is the ability to pursue my interests which are to travel often, see new places, meet great people and learn new skills.

Chasing my interests has allowed me to live and work all over the United States and has expanded my view of the world and the people and things in it.  Through this website I hope to continue this journey and my goal is to share everything I do with you and the world in hopes that just maybe, just maybe, you’ll find some of it interesting and useful.

I’m many things to many people – a crazed minimalist who has lived for decades with few non-essential belongings – yea the rooms in my house are empty.  I’m a career college student having started in 1995 and still going to this day.  In addition to my primary career, I’m still a personal trainer, a nutrition junkie, an extended travel addict and I’m crazy about my dogs known affectionately as Mommy & Fatty.  You’ll get to meet them here as well and I hope you like them too.  But more than anything, I’m just a guy who is amazed by the world around me and because of my curiosity, goes to bed every night knowing more about it.

How The Consummate Dabbler Project May Gain Resources
Mommy & Fatty

Mommy & Fatty

This project is not specifically designed to generate financial gain. However, it could and it is important that my friends here know the details about this. When I provide articles, videos and any other form of information, I will also share the products and services that I’ve used or learned about that could help you benefit as well. Through affiliation with online resources, The Consummate Dabbler project may make a small percentage on a purchase should you feel the product or service is of value to you. I will only provide information on things I have personal understanding of and legitimately find helpful in a given situation.

I’m not quite sure what else could possibly happen, but in the spirit of full disclosure, I imagine someone could give me a gift if I do something cool, someone may like the blog and get the check for lunch if they recognize me (this would be amazing!), I may get free stuff if someone wants to give it to me and I could meet interesting people if they like my project. My goal is to be completely transparent with you because ultimately, I have no idea how popular this page may become and I’d like to offer a reputable content-driven resource that people like and that allows me to make more friends around the world. Please assume that everything I provide through The Consummate Dabbler project may, in some way, have the possibility of benefiting me financially, personally, professionally, emotionally, physically, intellectually and in any other possible way that I presently am unable to think of.  In the end, this is simply a library of all the people, places and things I do so that you can enjoy them, learn from them and hopefully be better for it.  I wish you well my friends.

I welcome you to The Consummate Dabbler!